Wireless Graphic Tablet HUION Inspiroy Dial 2

  • Wireless Graphic Tablet HUION Inspiroy Dial 2
Huion Inspiroy Dial 2 is the second generation of upgraded wireless tablet that aims to deliver high efficiency and a real pen-on-paper experience for illustrators, graphic designers, concept artists and other professionals. It is designed for drawing, retouching, 3D graphics creation, sketching.

Compact, ultra-thin tablet with a 266.7x166.7mm drawing area.
High screen resolution and performance.
6 shortcut buttons and 2 fdial controllers allow you to create shortcut commands to optimise your workflow.
Compatible with the most popular operating systems: Windows 7 or later (wired), Windows 10 or later 64bit (wireless/wired); Mac 10.12 or above (wireless/wired); ChromeOS 88 or later (wireless/wired); Android 6.0 or later (wireless); HarmonyOS 2.0 or later (wireless); Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) (wired).
Powered by PenTech 3.0, battery-free pen with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity ensures precise and smoother creation.
All Huion products are CE/ FCC/ CCC certified.

Drawing area (PC): 266.7x166.7 mm (10.5x6.56 inches).
Drawing area (Android): 2166.7x83.35 mm (18:9).
Pen resolution: 5080 LPI.
Pen sensitivity: 8192 levels.
Response speed: >300 PPS.
Pen detection height: >10mm.
Pen tilt angle: ±60°.
Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0.
Wireless coverage: 5~10 metres.
Interface: USB Type-C.
Battery capacity: 1300mAh.
Battery charging time: 5V/1A: ~2.5h; 5V/0.5A: ~4.5h.
Battery working time: ~18hrs.
Power consumption: <0.3W.
Dimensions: 356.6x207x8 mm.
Weight: 710g.

Set includes:
Graphic tablet x1.
Battery-free pen x1.
Wireless adapter x1.
USB Type-C cable x1.
Pen holder PH05F x1.
Standard pen tips x5.
Pen felt tips x5.
Pen tip clamp x1.

Warranty: 24 months.

5.50 kg

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  • Ražotājs: HUION
  • Modelis: Q630M
  • Pieejamība: 5gb.

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