SONOFF THS01 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  • SONOFF THS01 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Sonoff THS01 smart temperature and humidity sensor suitable for Sonoff TH.

SONOFF smart home system allows you to control your electrical appliances remotely with the EWeLink app or by voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It allows you to create different scenarios, group appliances by switching on/off multiple devices with a single touch, set timers and schedules, monitor the status of your devices in real time, and share their control. Link your eWeLink with IFTTT application and extend your scene capabilities. Thanks to configurable local LAN support Sonoff smart home system can work without a cloud server.

Works with Sonoff TH series smart switches (TH Origin, TH Elite).
Connector RJ9 4P4C, supporting hot-plugging.
Can be combined with various other products for smart home scenarios.

Technical data:
Temperature measurement range: -40°C- +85°C.
Humidity measurement range: 0~100%RH.
Compatibility: Sonoff TH.
App: eWeLink (Android, iOS).
Cable length: 500mm.
Weight: 23g.
Color: black.

Warranty: 24 months.

5.50 kg

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  • 4,99€

  • Ražotājs: SONOFF
  • Modelis: THS01
  • Pieejamība: 5gb.

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