TUYA Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Wi-Fi

  • TUYA Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Wi-Fi
TUYA intelligent hygrothermograph, Wi-Fi

The smart device adopts a high-precision temperature and humidity sensor and a powerful microprocessor, it can detect and display real-time temperature and humidity readings on a large LCD screen and report them to the TUYA APP.
This sensor does not need any additional central units, devices, it can work alone.
Connection and configuration are supported directly via the Tuya Smart or Smart Life smart app. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection is used, the apps support Android or iOS smart devices.
When the ambient temperature or humidity exceeds the preset value, it can immediately send an alarm message.
Suitable for environmental monitoring in residential premises, factory building, computer hall, shopping mall, hotel, office building, educational building, bank, library, as well as warehouse and many other places.
Very convenient and easy to use! Light and small, with low energy consumption.

Standby current: <20uA.
Trigger current: <350mA.
Power supply: 3x AAA batteries (included).
Temperature measurement range: -9C°~ +60°C.
Recommended temperature measurement range: -0C°~ +50°C.
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5°C@10C°~ +55°C.
Humidity measurement range: 0%-99%RH.
Recommended humidity measurement range: 10%-90%RH.
Humidity measurement accuracy: ±03°RH@10%-90%RH.
Refresh rate: 30s.
Wireless range: <18m (in an open environment).
App: TuyaSmart (Android, iOS).
Wi-Fi connection frequency: 2.4GHz.
Installation: wall-mounted/table-top.
Operating temperature: -10°C- +60°C.
Operating humidity: <95%RH.
Dimensions: 61x61x22.6 mm.
Color: white.
Certificates: ROHs.

Warranty: 24 months.

5.50 kg

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  • 24,39€

  • Ražotājs: TUYA
  • Modelis: HS082550
  • Pieejamība: 5gb.

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